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Il-Ħamrun is one of the suburbs on the Maltese islands and is around 2 miles from the Capital city il-Belt Valletta (Città Umilissima). It is built on a plain rising softly at the vicinity of Tas-Samra. The roads of il-Ħamrun are straight except for a couple of narrow streets down the police station. Il-Ħamrum was taken from three parishes , that of Ħal Qormi (Città Pinto), of Birkirkara and Floriana. The limits of il-Ħamrun reached further out than they do nowadays but when Santa Venera and il-Marsa became parishes in their own right large chunks of il-Ħamrun were taken from its jurisdiction. Il-Ħamrun’s motto is ‘Propera Augesco which means ‘I grow suddenly’. This suburb took a long time to establish itself however when it did it grew and developed in a short period of time and became known as il-Ħamrun as it is known today. 

Today it is very different from 60 or 70 years ago with the advancements it went through in a short period of time and it now almost competes with the Capital City il-Belt Valletta (Città Umilissima). One finds shops of all sorts and this makes life comfortable for the people who needn’t go far out for their everyday needs. 
 Previously il-Ħamrun was known as Casale San Giuseppe – the village of St. Joseph (San Ġużepp) – for the Church of St. Joseph which used to be at the top of the main road which up to this day is known by the same name, and until 1888 the village was called by that name however due to the confusion which set in with regard to which is the proper name of the village, whether San Ġużepp or il-Ħamrun as it was commonly called by the people, the Government intervened and chose ‘Il-Ħamrun’ as the official name for various reasons, but mainly due to the fact that the people were no longer using the name St. Joseph (San Gużepp).